How to set up Echo Dot

Get your Amazon Echo Dot online, you can follow this easy guide to get your Echo Dot Setup Completed:-

Echo Dot Setup

Getting your Echo Dot online is a piece of cake, In case you get stuck at any point of your Echo Dot WiFi Setup, You can complete your Echo Dot Setup using our online help desk. Our Technical experts can also help you to Download Alexa app for Windows 10 but currently, the Alexa app for Windows does not allow you to complete your Amazon Echo Setup. You will need to complete your Amazon Alexa Setup App Download

Alexa Dot Setup

Once you complete your Alexa Dot Setup, you can add smart home Skills to your Alexa Echo Dot. Alexa smart skills allow you to add additional features to Alexa powered smart speakers. You can add weather smart skills, smart home device skills or any skill which are available under the Alexa Skills tab when you open the Alexa app. Once you have your Alexa app for Echo Setup, you can use it as an Extension for your Echo powered smart speaker. Apart from having all the additional features on the Alexa app, you would like to subscribe to Amazon Music subscription as it allows you to play music without any additional Alexa smart skills.Alexa Echo Dot Setup

Using your Amazon Alexa, you can perform a number of pre-set functions out of the box such as set timers, share the current weather, create a To-do List and access internet contents.