Amazon Alexa Setup App Download

Get to know about your Amazon Echo, complete your Amazon Alexa Setup app Download using these following steps:-

  • Make sure you have an active internet connection to download the Alexa app.
  • For an Android device, you need to go to Google play store.
  • Search for the Amazon Alexa app and hit the search icon.
  • Once done, press download and install the Alexa app.
  • For the iPad and iPhone, you need to visit the App Store, in the search window, type Amazon Alexa app and press the search icon.
  • You will see a blue and white color app with Alexa Logo in it. Press get and install this app on your iOS device.Amazon Alexa Setup App Download


Tricks you can use to get the maximum out of your Alexa device:-

Setup a Multi-Room Music system:- If you have multiple Echo devices in your home, you can easily stream one playlist or radio station to several (or all of them) at once. But first, you need to put them into groups: you can do this via the Alexa app by clicking Settings | Multi-Room Music.

Protect your purchases:- On the subject of voice purchases, if you’ve got kids in the house you’ll probably want to set up a PIN code for online shopping, to ensure they don’t order a new LEGO kit every two weeks. To do this, scroll down to Voice Purchasing in the Alexa app and add the code in the “Require voice code” field.

Connect external Bluetooth Speakers:- Amazon Echo also has a functionality where it allows you to connect with external Bluetooth speakers to enhance the voice experience. Once you have connected your Echo device to an external Bluetooth speaker, you can Play, Pause and Stop the speaker’s voice using your usual Alexa voice commands. It also enables you to disconnect the Bluetooth speaker with voice commands by just using a simple command like “Alexa disconnect the Bluetooth speaker.