Connect Echo Dot to WiFi

Get your Echo Dot online, Download Alexa app on your Smartphone or tablet to connect Echo Dot to WiFi. Alternatively, you can also visit to complete your Echo Dot WiFi setup. In case, you are unable to connect Echo Dot to the internet, You can perform these troubleshooting steps to Complete your Echo Dot Setup:

  • Make sure when you are trying to complete your Amazon Echo Setup, you have an orange light ring on Echo Dot as it will indicate your Alexa in Setup Mode.
  • In case there is no orange light on Alexa, you can press and hold the dot button on Alexa till you hear the “Alexa” say now in setup mode, go ahead in your Alexa app to Complete WiFi setup.
  • In case your router is using WEP security type for Wireless Network security type, change or upgrade your WiFi router to the one that supports WPA-2 security type as Alexa powered devices are compatible to connect with WPA-2 security type easily.
  • Make sure you have an up to date firmware on your Internet modem and WiFi router as having outdated firmware can also create conflict while you are Connect Echo Dot to WiFitrying to Connect Echo Dot to WiFi.
  • Wireless Network passwords are case sensitive, make sure to enter the correct password when you need to Connect Echo Dot to Internet.

How To Connect Echo Dot to the Internet?

When you are trying to Connect your Echo Dot to the internet, the first thing you will need to complete is Amazon Alexa setup app downloadwhen you have Alexa app on your Smartphone or tablet, go to Settings, Select device, tap on Echo Dot, Select update WiFi. Now you will see an option says Echo Dot Setup, Tap on continue to Continue with Setup. Select Amazon-XXX WiFi and tap on it to connect with Echo Dot Device. Now go back to Alexa Setup and tap on continue. Choose your Wireless Network and enter your Network security key. Once done, hit connect.Connect Alexa to internet

Congratulations, You have just completed your Echo Dot WiFi setup. You can start using your Echo Dot for Smart home devices.